ADIL AL-MUTTAQIN 2019: Being a Muslim in Singapore 2 (Muslims as a citizen of a Non-Islamic State)
Date: 11 and 18 February 2019/ 6 and 13 Jamadil Akhir 1440H
Day: Monday
Time: 7:30 - 9:30pm
Venue: Masjid AL-Muttaqin, 5140 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Singapore 569844, Class #02-16
Murabbi: Ustaz Fakhrur Radzi Bin Mohd Noor
Fees: $25
Language Medium: English

Limited Seats!

Module Description
The existence of Muslims in Singapore is something that cannot be denied and avoided and this existence will continue in times to come.
The increase in the level of religious awareness among the Muslim society has lead to many of them enquiring on the Islamic view with regards to their presence, living in Singapore in order to ensure that their lives are lived out in accordance to the principles of Islam that they firmly hold on to.
The importance of this matter is further magnified by some of them when they experience or feel that there are obstacles –be it real or based on assumptions- that hinder or complicate the process of practicing certain Islamic religious acts in Singapore.
This fact becomes more crucial to be addressed due to the situation of today’s world whereby there seems to be no boundaries thus exposing Singaporean Muslims to various religious thoughts and opinions which have been derived in other countries based on their respective contexts which are very much different from Singapore’s context.
Such religious thoughts and opinions cause confusion and anxiety among some of the Singaporean Muslims as they feel as if there is fundamental conflict which exists between being a Muslim and being a Singaporean and also whether living in Singapore can ensure a Muslim to live a life that would be in line with Islamic teachings thus attaining Allah’s blessings.
Besides that, the extremists and terrorists’ such as IS dedicated efforts in propagating their ideologies which are intended to instil hate between the Muslims and the non-Muslims, encourage the Muslims to fight against all non-Muslims wherever they are without exception and to pass ruling that living in a non-Islamic country and becoming its citizen is forbidden (haram) have added to the seriousness of the existing challenges faced.
All of the above factors demand a steady and coordinated effort for religious education to be reinforced in the Muslim society in order to eliminate confusion as well as to attain tranquillity and to protect oneself from the deception of these deviated groups.
This ADIL’s module which explains the important issues with regards to the relationship between Muslims and the non-Islamic country where he lives and resides in, is among the early steps undertaken to fulfil the necessity of understanding the dynamics of such relationship.
The module is constructed in such a way that it provides the understanding that Muslims are actually able to live in a non-Islamic country –with all of its imperfections and limitations that the country has- without having to jeopardise the principles of Islam. Being a minority does not necessarily lead to them being Muslims of a lower status in the eyes of God if compared to the Muslims living in an Islamic country. In fact, living in a non-Islamic country might be seen as an opportunity to gain a greater reward from Allah.
The module also guides participants to believe that the reason for their existence is extended beyond their personal interest as a Muslim. The participants will be made to understand that striving to contribute to the general harmony of the society and the country is something that is encouraged by Islam as long as it is guided by the principles that have been outlined by the Shariah.

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