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Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!
You have taken the first step towards joining the Triplets Plus and we are very excited to welcome you! Take a look below and fill in what you can. It initially looks overwhelming, but I promise, all my emails don't look like this!

The way we work....

So! Our Triplets Plus NZ Facebook group is our most valuable tool for communicating with our members and as it is free it means that we can provide advice and support online to our members at no cost. It is at times private depending on our members and whether they have shared their news with the Facebook world so may not come up in a search but please request me as a friend and I can add you if you have not joined already. I know that Facebook is not for everybody, but even if you create an account just to utilise our unique community, I can't recommend it enough!

We can offer advice on accessing your 1560 hours of WINZ home help, and we will co-ordinate the very generous support offered by Watties/Heinz of 1 years supply of formula.

To take full advantage of what the Triplets Plus Club can offer, we encourage you to become a member of your local MBC (Multiple Birth Club). They will provide you with
- lots of local information and services unique to their club
- access to great Multiples NZ resources
- 2 free jumbo boxes of newborn nappies from Huggies on the birth of your babies

If you don't have one close by, often the next closest MBC will welcome your membership, or you can join Multiples NZ directly. (All of this information is available )

Once you are an affiliated member of the Multiples NZ group, you will have access to their quarterly magazine online (or enquire with your club about getting a paper copy) which from time to time includes a section for Triplets Plus members.

Have a chat to your club contact as they are filled with lots of great info and most clubs hold a few past editions. A bit of light reading for all the rest you need!

If you could please provide the details below we can add you to our database.

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In order to support you to the best of our ability, we may contact affiliated clubs of Multiples NZ on your behalf. (For example, if you are transferred to another hospital in NZ) If you would prefer we didn't please state 'No thanks':

There are often gifts provided to families with newborn triplets through our gift co-ordinator. On the birth of your babies we will order them for you and provide a physical address for delivery. Do we have your permission to provide these companies with the relevant information (Yes/No):

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and the information you provide is used purely to deliver the best service and support we can as Triplets Plus NZ.

Thanks for filling in all the information above.

If there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Eat lots and keep your feet up!!

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