Richland Elementary Parent Involvement Survey 2016-17
Our mission at Richland Elementary School is to collaborate while educating and inspiring students to become lifelong problem solvers in today's ever changing society. We are asking parents to complete this survey in an effort to assist us in maximizing opportunities for all parents to participate in ways that will help all children be successful.
Are you new to our school?
School Environment, culture, and communication
The following questions relate to the environment, culture, and ways we communicate with the families of our campus.
Does the school make you feel welcome?
How welcome do you feel when coming to our school?
Comments on what we could do to help you feel more welcomed:
Communication Home- Please rate the effectiveness of the types of communication used with parents.
Types of Communication used with parents
Very Effective, please continue
Somewhat effective
Not effective at all
Did NOT use this
Face to face conference/Phone call from teacher
Grade Level/Teacher Newsletter
Electronic Communication Apps (Blooms, Dojo, Remind, etc)
School Website
Six Weeks Calendar
Call out phone system
Notes home about events
Tuesday folders
How could our school assist you so that you would be able to attend school events more often?
What suggestions do you have for improving home to school communication?
How could the format of our curriculum nights/Kinder Round Up be changed to better meet your needs as a parent?
Would you take advantage of child care if it were offered during our curriculum nights and/or Kinder Round up?
Title I School-Parent Compact
The following questions relate to the Title I School-Parent Compact.
Were you provided with a copy of the School-Parent Compact at the beginning of the year conference?
If you were NOT provided with a School-Parent Compact at the beginning of the year, were you aware that a copy of the compact is on our school website?
Do you understand your responsibilities as a parent required in the School-Parent Compact?
Did you conference with your child's teacher(s) and discuss the School-Parent Compact?
Were you aware that a copy of the CAMPUS Parent Involvement policy is on our website?
Were you aware that a copy of the DISTRICT Parent Involvement Policy is on the BISD website under the family section?
Did you attend the Annual Title 1 Meeting prior to the Grandparent's Dinner in September during which the Title 1 programs and activities were explained?
Are you kept informed about parental involvement activities offered by the school?
If you attended the Annual Title One Parent Meeting, where you given an opportunity to ask questions?
Have you attended any parent involvement activities during the school year?
For each activity you have attended listed below, please mark whether you, Enjoyed It and would like for us to do it again, "Did Not Enjoy it" and would prefer we "Not do it again", or if you have "No Opinion and/or Did Not Attend".
Enjoyed it-Do It Again
Did Not Enjoy it-Do Not Do It Again
No Opinion and/or Did Not Attend
Boo Hoo/Woo Hoo Breakfast (August)
Grandparent's Dinner (September)
Spirit Nights (McDonald's, Spring Creek, Chuck-E-Cheese)
Homecoming Parade (November)
Museum Night (November)
Spelling Bee (December)
Book Fair Nights
Pancakes with Santa (December)
Choir Performances (Dec./Feb./April/May)
Award Ceremonies (Each Six Weeks)
Battle of the Books (January)
Game Night (February)
Cupstacking Tournament (February)
Parent Breakfast (February)
Field Trip (Camp, Austin, Museum, etc)
Open House/School Museum Night (March)
Carnival (April)
ASPIRE Events (Lights on After School Showcase)
5th Grade Graduation (Last May)
Kindergarten Round-up ( Last May)
Kindergarten Graduation (Last May)
PTA- The following questions relate PTA
Are you a member of our PTA?
If you are not a member of PTA could you let us know what we could do to get you to join?
Do you participate/volunteer in any of the following?
Are you aware of the you must feel out a volunteer application on-line to be able to volunteer at school events?
Do you volunteer in any of our classrooms.
Do you help with class parties.
Do you volunteer at events such as the carnival.
Do you attend PTA meetings.
Help teachers with projects from my home.
What could we do to assist in getting families more involved with PTA?
Parent/Child information
If you would like to provide information for the school to contact you back, please provide the information below.
Your name (optional)
Your child's name (optional)
Your child's grade(s)
Best phone number to be reached if you would like to be contacted (optional)
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