BG2 Productions Digital Commissions

My name is Burrell Gill Jr and I look forward to working with you!

If you wish to see more examples of my art work check out:

My DeviantArt -

My Webcomic -

By entering into a commission deal with me, you are assuming responsibility for having read, understood, and agreed to my Terms of Service, and I reserve the right to refuse any work or contact from anyone.

Thanks for commissioning with me.

• I offer only DIGITAL commissions at this time.

• You must be 18 years of age or older to commission NSFW art.

A) I WILL draw: Anything from a range of kid-friendly to artistic or tasteful nudity. Cheesecake/ecchi is A-OK. “Sexy” Anthro is typically fine but the request is subject to approval first.

B) I WON’T draw: Hardcore, Gore (unless it's for an action or horror based scene), Pedophilia, Penetration, Inflation, Rape, Derogatory Subject Matter, Furries involved in any of the aforementioned, or Anything remarkably close to the aforementioned.

• Your commission, once accepted, will be put on my commission list.

• I do not have a set commission wait time, I am usually able to finish a commission in at least a day or a few days since I also work.

• If you need your commission by a certain deadline (for example, a birthday present, event, etc), then please let me know when you send you commission request.

• You can pay extra to have your commission put on-rush, but those prices are determined case-by-case in reference to what kind of commission you are having drawn

• All payments are accepted via PAYPAL

• All payments must be in USD

• Payments are required upfront and in full, unless a payment plan is otherwise agreed upon. Partial payment is also allowed though the commission wont be sent until it's been paid for entirely.

• All sales are final.

• This is my job, and I try my best to keep every detail and request of your commission in mind as I work on it so that you are completely satisfied with my artwork.

• I will offer a refund in the event that I cannot complete your commission for any given personal reason.

• Even though I try my hardest to give you my best interpretation of your character(s)- sometimes there are things that I can overlook.

• I will allow a one-time edit to any commission under the following circumstances:

A) If the erroneous parts of your commission are things that I missed/mistook (in other words, the errors were clearly stated by you and missed by my fault)

B) You provide me with any and all information that needs to be edited

• I will NOT allow edits for anything that you did not clearly express/state in your original commission information before I accepted/started work on your commission. I will also not allow edits for commissions that have requested and approved WIP shots.


A) Offering WIP's would complicate the way I work immensely, and potentially throw off my inspiration by cutting into my groove.

B) It is your responsibility as a commissioner to notify me that you would like a WIP, otherwise I will not be aware of your desire for one and therefore will not be responsible for not providing one. PLEASE do not commission me, then afterwards slide in a request for a WIP.

After receiving your commission, you are welcome to post it at any site you wish; provided you post credit back to me.

You are not permitted to remove my signature or post my art without credit.

Your commission may be used in any examples I post of my work i.e.: price sheets, convention sample books, etc.

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