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Please complete this form and provide the requested information. My goal is to capture the material I will need if I am going to write the most accurate and useful letter of recommendation.


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I will not be able to begin working on your recommendation until I receive this form.
Upload the release and waiver described in "2. Give Me a Release; Waive Right to Read the Recommendation" on Make sure that it follows the directions.
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It is up to you to make sure that I have all the deadlines, information, forms, updated resumes, application links, names, addresses, etc. I will need. I won’t do any of this legwork for you; it is your responsibility. Make it easy for me to advocate for you.
Upload the table described in "3. Give Me Dates and Details" on Make sure that it has ALL of the requested information. I need to know what, whom, and when. *
Personal Statement Draft
If you are writing a personal statement in connection with the application, please read and apply Gerald Graff and Andrew Hoberek’s advice in their article “Hiding it from the Kids" (linked on I need to see evidence in your personal statement that you read and applied their advice.Again, make it easy for me to advocate for you.
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