Freaks Faction Recruitment Application
Fill out the application for a chance of joining our faction!

If you are caught lying or creating false information about your application, you will be automatically disqualified; so apply with honestly as this is one of the attributes we are looking for in players. If you do not receive a message saying you got accepted within 1 week, then you have been declined and must apply AFTER a 2 week duration.

Discord Name And Tag (Bob#1234):
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IGN (Steve):
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Can you join calls when you are free/on:
Playtime (During the week):
Playtime (On the weekend):
Do you have any alts you can contribute:
Do you have any of these skills:
Why do you want to join Freaks:
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Describe your factions experience if you have any, such as past factions, how long you've played and any f top wins. (Proof would be helpful)
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Do you know anyone who is currently in Freaks:
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Any Other Information:
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