Fault Reporting @ Cinnamon Residential College
This form generates an automated email to the management office (ohs.cinnamon@nus.edu.sg) on your behalf. This form has been introduced to make things simpler, thus please do not misuse it.
Problem Category *
If New, include date of first occurrence in the description.
Problem Urgency *
If the problem is very urgent, please drop by the management office (during Office hours) or call the relevant hotline: Office of Estate Development - 6516-1515
Problem Location *
Eg. Level 13 Pantry, Level 10 common toilet facing Tembusu, Room #10-131, Level 15 Lounge
Name *
Just for record keeping
Room No. *
in the format: 22-121 (Level-Room no.)
Matric No. *
Please provide your full matric no. eg. A0113425L
NUS Email: *
Please provide your NUS email. You will receive updates on this report through email.
Phone No. *
You will only be contacted only if there is a need for more information on the problem.
Problem Description *
Please describe the problem the best you can. If it’s a new problem, include date of first occurrence in the description.
Do you consent to OHS entering your room without your presence to rectify the fault?
If you answered "No", OHS will attempt to contact you directly should they come down to the location stated
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