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Thank you for becoming a member of 502 Dragon Boat Community, Inc., a nonprofit organization.

502 Dragon Boat Community, Inc. and its members are ambassadors of the international sport of dragon boat racing.  We strive to provide education, training and competition for a medley of paddlers and experience levels.  We support our community through education and wellness promotion, and sharing our guiding principles of community, compassion, courtesy, competition, and courage.

We appreciate you sharing information about yourself for our records. Please answer all the required questions (marked with a red asterisk) and answer other questions only as you are comfortable doing so.

When you've completed this survey, you will see a link to an optional, anonymous survey. It would help 502 Dragon Boat Community if you'd complete this additional survey! As an organization, we are deeply committed to nurturing diversity and offering programs that serve a wide range of abilities. Anonymous information about health, income, and other topics help 502 Dragons learn more about who is participating. This information also helps make sure we're living into our mission and provides us with data we can use when approaching sponsors to support new programs and grow our services to YOU!

We are SO HAPPY to welcome you as a new member! Thank you for completing this survey!
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Your name, address, contact info and some demographic questions. Red asterisks mean a question is required. Please answer the other questions only if you're comfortable doing so.
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Dragon boat competitions sometimes organize teams by age class. In 2021, which age class fits you? *
With which gender identity do you most identify? Please use "other" if you prefer to self-describe!
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What pronouns should we use when communicating with you? If you do not see your pronouns on this list, please fill in your preference after "other".
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Information in this section helps us get a sense of how we can help you grow as a dragon boater as a paddler, captain, coach, steer, racing team member, or organizational leader! This information also helps us design and offer sessions and programs for everyone.
Prior to this year, what is your past dragon boat paddling experience? *
What aspects of dragon boating are personally important to you this year? *
Very important to me
Somewhat important to me
Not very important to me
Recreation: getting out on the water, having fun
Developing Technique: better stroke, timing
Conditioning: improving speed, endurance
Training to Race Competitively
What days do you prefer to attend on-water sessions (paddles & practices)? Choose all that apply. *
What time frames work best for you MONDAY-FRIDAY? Check all that apply. *
What time frames work best for you on SATURDAYS? Check all that apply. *
What time frames work best for you on SUNDAYS? Check all that apply. *
Have you any past experience or current certification... *
Yes, informal training/experience
Yes, formal training/certification
In First Aid/CPR/AED
As a lifeguard or with water rescue
As the captain of a dragon boat team
As a dragon boat coach
As a dragon boat steersperson
Are you interested in learning more about volunteering at practices & sessions? We are a community organization; volunteers make all the difference! *
Would you be interested in attending clinics or camps held LOCALLY to develop your skill as a dragon boater? *
Would you be interested in TRAVELING to other cities & states to attend clinics or camps to develop your skill as a dragon boater? *
Are you interested in learning more about how to serve as the captain of a group or team? *
Are you interested in learning more about how to coach a group or team? *
Are you interested in learning more about how to steer a dragon boat? *
Might you want to join a 502 Dragon Boat Community traveling racing team that represents our area at other festivals and races? *
Are you interested in developing or leading your own group or team to compete at local or regional festivals and races? *
Information you choose to share in the next two optional questions will only be shared on a "need to know" basis with leadership (such as coaches and steers).
How strong a swimmer are you? (Please note: you do not have to be able to swim in order to paddle with us!)
I'm a strong swimmer
I cannot swim
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Is there any medical information you'd like to share with us (restrictions, allergies, medical conditions)?
After you submit this survey, please consider completing a few more questions!
Would you answer a few more questions about ethnicity, language, income, and health anonymously? You will see a link to the anonymous survey after you click "submit" on this survey. Please take a few more minutes to help us understand who we are serving. This information will help us find support (such as grants for new programs and services).
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