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Founded by Porto Business School, Lionesa and Bright Pixel. REACTOR focus on bringing the corporate world and the startup ecosystem together, creating an exceptional culture by gathering programmers, leaders, managers, creatives, techies, thinkers, enablers and investors.

Located in Lionesa, a dynamic business centre defined by its unique culture setting the perfect scenario to connect entrepreneurs and companies.

Meaningful events such as talks, workshops, hackathons or lunches are frequent in the community. These activities allow network and opportunities.

Incubation programmes are also available to entrepreneurs that want to create the future. REACTOR is looking for seed and early-stage projects and incredible teams that want to challenge the status quo.

REACTOR is the innovation center where the future is created.

REACTOR’s focus is in tech-based projects that might be related to several verticals of our interest: Industry 4.0, Retail, Tourism, Health, Edutech, Data Analysis, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Telcom.

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