Principal of the Month Nomination
As part of the "Effective Employees" goal of the Lawrence Public Schools' strategic plan, we want to recognize principals (lead, associate, and assistant principals, career and technical and virtual education director/coordinator, and early childhood coordinator) each month for outstanding service. Please rate your nominee on the characteristics listed below, and then provide specific examples of why this school leader is outstanding and deserving of recognition. Click "Submit" when finished.

Thank you for assisting us in recognizing exemplary principals!
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This principal creates a distinctive school climate and culture that stands out from others in a positive way. *
This principal works to improve the broader education community by sharing ideas and strategies with colleagues and stakeholders. *
This principal can articulate how their leadership style impacts student achievement. *
This principal involves teachers, staff members, parents, students, and the community in developing programs that offer equal access. *
This principal demonstrates behaviors that positively influence the behaviors of others. *
This principal serves as a mentor or coach to other school leaders. *
This principal promotes equity so that each student is known and valued and receives an individualized, high quality education to help them succeed. *
This principal makes the well-being of students the fundamental value in all decisions and actions. *
This principal's leadership encourages creativity and innovation. *
Please provide specific examples related to the above characteristics. Share what makes this principal outstanding and deserving of recognition as the Principal of the Month. *
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