Leeds Fetishmen and WFM - Leeds Pride Paraders

August 5th 2018

We’re planning on having a walking party at the Leeds Pride Parade on August 5th and we’d love you to attend - to share the fetish/es which are important to you.

In order that we are able to effectively communicate with you before and during the event we ask you to complete the following form. There are a few requirements we ask you to accept - but these are largely for your safety/protection and to comply with the requirements of the event organisers/police.

Name (not formal - what do you want us to call you?) *
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Email address (so we can send you instructions and updates - these will only relate to the march/parade) *
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Mobile number (optional - if we need to contact you on the day)
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Agreements - we need to ask these to ensure you understand the requirements of taking part *
Some notes...
We ask that everyone wears things which reflect their kink (but will not enforce this) - we invite people representing all fetishes to attend - including, but not limited to, leather, rubber, pups (and other human animals), uniforms and sportswear.

You should wear sensible footwear and consider the weather.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have water for hydration and suitable sun (or poor weather) protection. The only location to change is the public toilets at the event. We recommend you bring a backpack as there will be no secure facilities.

Sorry for all the ‘rules’ but this is not our event - nor are we able to provide all the facilities we’d like to - so we’d prefer you’re advised so you can react accordingly.

In terms of your personal data - this will only be used to communicate with you about attending. The only person with access to that data. Once the event is complete I'll delete your personal information.

Want to join either group?
- WFM: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2137195116504448/
- Leeds Fetishmen: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1868125510174500/

If you are no longer able to attend, please email butilikeitphoto@gmail.com - so we can update our records and release your place.

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