Health and Wellbeing (Obesity) 2
We'd like to know what you think about Bexley Councils plans to help people be healthier and happier in Bexley. Please answer as many or as few of the questions below, as you wish to.

For Each question you can select more than one answer

1. What prevents you and your family from making healthier food choices?
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2. What prevents you and your family from undertaking physical activity and including it within your routine?
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3. What would inspire you / your children to get more involved in local activities that promote healthy lifestyles?
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4. Who do you think is responsible for creating a community culture that sees healthy eating and physical activity as the norm?
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5. What people and organisations do you think are important in supporting people to make healthy lifestyle choices?
6. Getting or staying fit and healthy can be difficult. What type of help might you and your family need to get active and have a healthier lifestyle?
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7. Please provide any other comments you may have about the Obesity Strategy
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Thank you for sharing your views
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