Incident & Grievance Report
The purpose of the Incident & Grievance process is to provide a vehicle through which a complaint may be brought; a fair and complete investigation undertaken, and appropriate action taken.
The Grievance Committee discusses the circumstances, evaluates the situation, makes recommendations, and initiates change, when appropriate. Involved parties (client, caregiver, or doula) will be notified by the Chair of the Grievance Committee upon receipt and determination of actionability. Upon the completion of this process, you may select whether you wish to be notified and informed of any actions resulting.
To promote fairness, the grievance will be shared with the person, you will have the option to select whether it is the full content, or a summary of your grievance.
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May be a certified, certifying, or board member. We can only take actionable steps for active PALS Doulas.
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The grievance committee will notify the individual that a grievance has been received and instructed NOT to contact you independently. Named or un-named, If they attempt to contact you, please notify the grievance committee representative at once.
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