Clergy / Faith Leader Sign-On Letter Supporting LD 1312 — Maine's "Red Flag" Legislation
Supporting LD 1312, “An Act Regarding Access to Firearms by Extremely Dangerous and Suicidal Individuals.”
May 23, 2019

Dear Maine State Legislators and Governor Mills,

We, the undersigned clergy and faith leaders of Maine, urge you to support LD 1312, “An Act Regarding Access to Firearms by Extremely Dangerous and Suicidal Individuals.” This life-saving legislation protects people’s rights while giving loved ones and law enforcement the tool they need (an Extreme Risk Protection Order) to temporarily remove firearms from dangerous situations that have the potential to result in mass shooting, domestic gun violence, suicide-by-firearm, and other senseless gun deaths and injuries.

“Red flag” laws have passed in 18 states, have been upheld in courts, and have earned the support of Republican, Democratic and Independent lawmakers because they make sense and save lives. Evidence-based studies show the use of ERPOs to be an effective intervention that can and does prevent tragedies.

As people of faith, we are united in the belief that every person is a beloved child of God with inherent worth and infinite value. We take seriously the biblical mandate to love our neighbors and to respond with compassion to human suffering. Maine’s clergy and faith leaders respond to domestic gun violence and firearm suicides in their congregations with horrifying regularity. For us, reducing gun violence is personal and it is a profoundly spiritual concern. To do nothing to intervene and prevent the suffering caused by mass shootings, domestic gun violence and firearm suicides would betray our closest held values and beliefs.

In asking you to support LD 1312, we stand with those whose lives could be saved if guns were temporarily removed from dangerous situations; we stand with their families, friends and faith communities; and we stand with the 81% of Mainers (94% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans) who support passage of “red flag” legislation.

Please do the right thing—the moral thing—and support LD 1312.

Signed by the following Maine clergy and faith leaders
The Maine Council of Churches
Moral Movement Maine

1. Rev. Jane Field, Presbyterian Church USA, Portland
2. Rev. Allen Ewing-Merrill, United Methodist, Portland
3. Leslie Manning, New England Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends, Bath
4. Rev. Cindy Maddox, United Church of Christ, South Portland
5. Rev. Barbara Kszystyniak, United Methodist, Wells
6. Rev Dieter T. Hessel Ph.D, Presbyterian Church USA, Cape Elizabeth
7. Pastor Mimi Magee, United Methodist, Kennebunk
8. Chaplain Claire Curole, Unitarian Universalist, Augusta
9. Rev. Priscilla Dreyman, United Methodist, South Portland
10. Rev. Nancee Campbell, Unitarian Universalist, Augusta
11. Rev. Carolyn Lambert, United Church of Christ, Kennebunk
12. Rev. Samuel M. Johnson, United Methodist, Wells
13. Rev. Charlotte Hendee, United Methodist, Wells
14. Rev. Deborah Shipp, United Methodist, Wells
15. Diane Dicranian, Clerk, Quaker, Bath
16. Rev. Sara Ewing-Merrill, United Methodist, Portland
17. Pastor Norm Boulay, United Methodist, Kennebunk
18. Rev. AbbyLynn Haskell, United Church of Christ, Wells
19. Rev. Patricia Dubois, United Church of Christ, Alfred
20. Rev. Michael B. Davis, United Methodist, Wells
21. Rev. Mark Monson Alley, United Methodist, Wells
22. Sister Mary Morey, RSM, Roman Catholic, Sisters of Mercy, Portland
23. Rita Moran, Pagan, Winthrop
24. Rev. Marvin M. Ellison, Ph.D., Presbyterian Church USA, Portland
25. Peter Wohl, Senior Priest, Soto Zen Buddhist, Unity
26. Rev. Lori Whittemore, Interfaith, Saco
27. The Rev. Dr. Nina R. Pooley, The Episcopal Church, Yarmouth
28. Rabbi Joshua Chasan, Judaism, Portland
29. Rev. Sally P. Poland, United Methodist, Portland
30. Rev. Ted Poland, United Methodist, Portland
31. The Very Rev. Benjamin Shambaugh, Episcopal, Portland
32. Rev. Amanda Gerken-Nelson, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Portland
33. Elizabeth Sprague, Quaker, East Machias
34. Bishop S. Clifton Ives, Retired, United Methodist, Portland
35. Rev. Maureen Ausbrook, Interfaith, Waterville
36. Rev. Ed Bove, United Methodist, Dayton
37. Rabbi Erica Asch, Jewish, Hallowell
38. Rev. Frank Morin, Roman Catholic, Waterville
39. Rev. Mark D. Wilson, United Church of Christ, Waterville
40. The Rev Dr. Gwendolynn Purushotham, United Methodist, Wells
41. The Rev. Robert A. Moore, United Methodist, Wells
42. Rev. Walter Woitasek, United Church of Christ, Portland
43. Rev. Christina Sillari, Unitarian Universalist, Portland
44. Rev. Mary Lee Wile, Episcopal, Brunswick
45. Pastor Richard Dorian, United Methodist, Wilton
46. Rev. Jonathan Wright-Gray, American Baptist, Old Orchard Beach
47. Rev. Lorna Grenfell, Church of Universal Fellowship, Orono
48. Susannah Ristine, Order of Interbeing/Plum Village Tradition, South Portland
49. Rabbi Darah R. Lerner, Jewish, Bangor
50. Rabbi Lisa Vinikoor, Jewish, Bath
51. Rev. Sharon Sagat-Stover, United Methodist, North Anson
52. Rev. Meg Hegemann, United Methodist, Fort Fairfield
53. Rev. Ruth Merriam, United Methodist, Brunswick
54. Rev. Diane E. L. Wendorf, United Church of Christ, Sanford
55. Carol Joan Gosselin, Interfaith, Bridgton
56. The Rev. Shantia Wright-Gray, United Church of Christ, Old Orchard Beach
57. Rev. Jeffrey Huot, Interfaith, Westbrook
58. Karen McLean Hessel, M.Div., Presbyterian Church USA, Cape Elizabeth
59. Rev. Lee Ann Betz, United Church of Christ, Lincoln
60. Pastor Marilyn Noble, United Methodist, Portland
61. Martha Soule, Chân Quang Do, True Land of Light, Buddhist, Plum Village Tradition, Readfield
62. Peggy Smith, ordained Dharma teacher, Plum Village Lineage, Lincolnville
63. Rev. Airin C. Wolf, Unity Church, Standish
64. Rev. James Fletcher, United Church of Christ, Portland
65. Rev. Donald J. Rudalevige, United Methodist, Cape Elizabeth
66. John Hennessy, Director - Maine Episcopal Network for Justice, Episcopal, Portland
67. Rev. Tamara Torres McGovern, United Church of Christ, Portland
68. Lynn Deeves, Buddhist, Richmond
69. The Rev. Dr. Mark W. Wendorf, United Church of Christ, Sanford
70. The Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane, Episcopal Diocese of Maine, Portland
71. Rabbi Jared H. Saks, Reform Judaism, Portland

View legislation here.
LD 1312, “An Act Regarding Access to Firearms by Extremely Dangerous and Suicidal Individuals.”

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