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Biological physics seminars with a Canadian flavour.  
next seminars: TBD (Toronto)
               zoom:   (30+10 min per talk)

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Background on QBIOC seminars
The intention is to have two 30min talks once a month, with discussion after each talk. The day/time will change every month to accommodate the speakers. The theme is biological physics, and hopefully we will have at least one talk from a Canadian group every time. Talks by students or postdocs are welcome, as are speakers who promote or represent EDI. Email with suggestions about talks you'd like to see (or if you'd like to be removed from the list). Follow for generic updates.

Please forward this registration form to Canadian researchers (from student to professor) in biological physics, their collaborators, and anyone else you think may be interested in these seminars. All are welcome!
Any suggestions/thoughts/feedback:
Previous QBIOC seminars
Mostly on zoom:   (30+10+30+10 min)

Josh Milstein (UTM) "Learning to Count Proteins in Cells with Single-Molecule Imaging"

Clinton Durney (JIC (UK)) "Three-Dimensional Vertex Modelling of Drosophila Salivary Gland Invagination"

Sarah Rauscher (UTM) "Molecular Simulations of Disordered and Flexible Proteins"

Paul Francois (McGill) "Timers, Sizers, Adders : evolving cell cycle control in silico"

Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan (UofT) "Modelling biological tissues: embryonic development and tissue repair"
             group of

Natasha Mhatre (UWO) "Identifying single molecule contributions in high frequency auditory amplification in insects’"

Daniel Charlebois (Alberta)
     "Lattice-based simulations of yeast colony growth under low-nutrient conditions and magnetic field exposure"

Sid Goyal (UofT)
    "Statistical dynamics of tumor initiation and progression"

Steven Blaber (SFU) "Minimum-Dissipation Protocols and Optimal Free Energy Estimation"
group of David Sivak

Isaac Li (UBC Okanagan) "Imaging molecular force by the fluorescence adhesion footprint"

Rachael Mansbach (Concordia) "Venomous Landscapes and Viral Trajectories: Evaluation of Free Energy Surfaces for Disulfide-Rich Peptide Design and a Side Story about the SARS-CoV2 Spike Protein"

Andrew Rutenberg (Dalhousie) "The Physics of Aging and Death"

Stephanie Weber (McGill)  "No membrane, no problem: Condensing bacterial organelles.”

Sven van Teeffelen (UdeM/Pasteur) "Coordination of volume growth and biomass growth in bacteria”

Catherine Beauchemin  "The fascinating world of defective, interfering flu virions!”

Aidan Brown "Nonequilibrium and geometric effects control mRNA localization to mitochondria”
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