Help #Fight4HER Get Out the Vote!
If nothing, the last two weeks have shown us what a crucial time it is to fight for reproductive rights and bodily autonomy. We know that this election could be one of the most important in recent history - the risks are higher than ever.

#Fight4HER is putting all of our energy into keeping our champions like Senator Tammy Baldwin in office and flipping congressional district one for Randy Bryce! Join us!

For any questions or weather concerns, contact #Fight4HER organizer Katie Wade (785) 248-3696.

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Wear your #Fight4HER shirt and meet at the Coordinated Campaign office at 409 N Lake St. #Fight4HER will be kicking off our Get Out the Vote efforts with a rally at the office on Saturday at noon!
Sunday, 11/4
Monday, 11/5
Tuesday, 11/6
12:00-3:00 (#Fight4HER's GOTV Kickoff!!)
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