inQluded: Community Spotlight Series
hi friends, for those of you who are not familiar with us - we are a digital magazine and platform for/by queer, trans, intersex, Black, Indigenous, youth of color (ages 13-30).

we are launching a new series that will help bring visibility to our QTIBIPoC family. we are asking you to submit your nominations of potential people for us to highlight!!

do you have a friend who works at an amazing organization? is your sister a photographer? did you just write a book? are you and your friends part of a band? is your significant other an amazing artist? the list goes on!

we think these people deserve to be recognised for the work they are doing!!

please fill out the form to nominate!

and yes, you can nominate yourself, it's not selfish, it's self-love!
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what is the name of the person you are nominating? *
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why are you nominating this person? (feel free to nominate yourself!) *
in what ways do you feel this person is bringing change to their community? *
is there anything else you'd like us to know? *
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