New PVRS Website Feedback & Suggestions
Please visit our New Google Sites PVRS Website Draft and feel free to respond in this questionnaire with suggestions and feedback, notice any mispellings, tell us that too, enjoy!

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What is your role in our PVRS Community?
How would you rate the visual appeal of our new website?
One (1) Star = Not so great.
Five (5) Stars = Super nice!
What would you suggest to improve the visual appeal, if anything?
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This new website is more user friendly and informative than the old website. Do you agree?
One (1) Totally Disagree, the old one was better.
Five (5) Totally Agree, this new site rocks!
How would you rate the overall organization of our new website's homepage?
One (1) Not so good.
Five (5) Pretty excellent.
What would you suggest to improve the organization of the homepage, if anything?
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How easy was it to find what you were looking for on our new website?
One (1) Not easy at all.
Five (5) Extremely easy.
Was there anything missing from our new website that you were hoping to find? If so, what would you suggest adding?
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What do you like most about our new website?
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What's your overall evaluation of the new site?
One (1) Pretty negative.
Five (5) Most positive.
Any other suggestions, comments or questions about our new website that you may have?
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