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OH! Open House is looking for volunteers to help bring our annual Art Walkabout to life! Every year, we tell the untold stories of Singapore's neighbourhoods and help bridge the gap between Art and the everyday. Thank you for committing MONTHS in advance to the cause. We're excited to be on this journey together with you.
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We'd like to add you to our private facebook group for volunteers where we share exclusive BTS content, conduct polls and organise social events. If you'd like to join us online, leave your fb email or the best way for me to find you on fb here. :)
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Please take note that I will take your preference into consideration but unfortunately, it is not confirmed that you will get the role that you want. I promise to match your abilities to the role best suited to you. My aim is to make sure everyone (our volunteers AND our guests) has a good experience! Please approach me if you have any specific requests. :)
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This is my first time volunteering with OH!
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