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Release of Liability
RELEASE OF LIABILITY I have enrolled in a program of strenuous physical activity that may include, but is not limited to walking, running, boxing, yoga, aqua aerobics, massage therapy, weight lifting, bicycling, in-line skating and the use of various conditioning and exercise equipment and facilities designed, offered, recommended, provided by and/or supervised by The Perfect Sidekick LLC (TPS). I hereby by signing below, affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit my participation in this program. If my physical condition changes I will seek professional medical advice before returning to TPS. In consideration of my participation in the program, I for myself, my employees, heirs, assigns, agents, officers, directors, shareholders and co-workers hereby release TPS, its employees, assigns, agents, officers, directors, and owners, from any and all claims, demands or causes of action arising from my participation in the program or from any use of the conditioning and exercise equipment and facilities. I fully understand that I may suffer injury as a result of my participation in the program and I hereby release TPS from any and all liability now or in the future, including but not limited to medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, that may occur by reason of heart attacks, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee/ lower back/foot injuries, and any other illness, soreness, or injury, however caused, whether occurring during or after my participation in the program or use of the conditioning and exercise equipment and facilities, regardless of fault. MEDIA RELEASE In consideration of good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I, the undersigned, hereby grant to The Queer Gym and his/her agents the right to use my name, biographical information, photographs, images, story and/or testimonial, in whole or in part, and without restriction as to changes or alterations. The rights granted herein shall extend in perpetuity, unless revoked in writing to The Queer Gym by me, throughout the world and for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation for marketing and advertising purposes of The Queer Gym, and in any and all media, including without limitation The Queer Gym website. I acknowledge that The Queer Gym has no obligation to return any photographs or images to me. I hereby RELEASE, WAIVE and FOREVER DISCHARGE any and all claims arising out of, or in connection with, such use by The Queer Gym, including without limitation any and all claims for libel or invasion or privacy. I hereby warrant and represent that I am at least 18 years of age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the above Release and am fully familiar with the contents thereof. This Release contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto as to the subject matter contained herein.
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