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Flavor Choices
You get to choose your favorite flavors for your nutrition challenge smoothies and bars for days 6-28! The 5 Day RESET comes in a variety pack with everything. Use the options below to select your preferences for days 6-28. All are included in the cost of your program and will be delivered fresh from the manufacturer right to your front door the week before the challenge starts.
Smoothie Flavors
Select 1, 2, or 3 of the flavors you like best. We suggest all 3 unless you strongly dislike one.
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Do you want to lose more than 8 lbs?
If you want to lose more than 8lbs, we recommend doing our "2 Smoothie Per Day" plan. The additional cost for this is $90 for your entire month's supply of 2 smoothies/day. That's 28 more meals for only $90!
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As with every health & wellness program, please check with your medical doctor before starting this program. The information in The New You Lifestyle Nutrition Challenge is meant for educational purposes only. The information in this program is not intended to serve as medical advice and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or disease. This program is not a substitute for professional medical care.
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