GMA Mod Application
Discord Moderators help run and manage the discord. They are here to answer questions, uphold the discord guidelines, and actively participate in the community.

Responsibilities include:
-Actively participating in the community by chatting with and getting to know discord members
-Being able to have patience, use proper discernment, as well as hold meaningful discussions
-Upholding discord guidelines in the form of DMing members, giving warnings, deleting messages, kicking/banning ONLY when absolutely necessary
-Attending a meeting with the board, staff and outreach team once a month

If you are 16+ and interested in joining the mod team, please fill out an application:
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What is your discord name? *
Why would you like to mod? *
What qualities or skills do you feel you would add to the team? *
How much time a week would you say you are availble in discord ? (Days, Times, Timezones etc.) *
What positive impact would you like to make in the community ? *
Are you comfortable talking to members via dm and voice channel ? *
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