GORDON RUSSELL MIDDLE SCHOOL 7th Grade Forecasting for 2020-2021

Welcome to 7th Grade and middle school forecasting! In order to create a schedule you may be happy with, it is important to consider your choices seriously (We are unlikely to change your schedule once school begins).

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7th Grade Schedule of Classes
All 7th graders will take the following year long courses:

⬩ Math
⬩ Language Arts
⬩ Social Studies
⬩ Science
⬩ PE / Health
⬩ Exploratory Wheel and/or Elective
⬩ 2nd Elective

7th Grade Electives
These electives are intended to be year long. After reading the class descriptions, mark your choices 1st (first choice) to 11th (last choice). You may only use a number ONCE for all electives (ex. you can not choose a 1 for both Band and Choir because you like them both; one elective needs to be 1st and the other elective needs to be 2nd, or 3rd...)

Note: Depending on teacher recommendations and assessment results, students may have a math and/or reading intervention class instead of electives.
Athletic PE (This class is In addition to PE/Health elective)
This course guides students through an in-depth examination of the effects of exercise on the body. Students learn how to exercise efficiently and properly, while participating in physical activities and applying principles they’ve learned. Throughout this course students participate in a weekly fitness program involving elements of cardio, strength, and flexibility. As well as, participate in competitive games and activities. This class would be in addition to our regularly scheduled PE/Health.
ART (Space is limited)
Students will continue to expand their knowledge about art vocabulary, and are encouraged to acquire new skills through this activity-based art class. Students may be introduced to clay, painting, design, montage, watercolors, sculpture and more. Students will also be introduced to color theory and will learn about primary, secondary, cool, and warm colors. Our students will be given the opportunity to explore, create, and achieve.
AVID (Application Required)
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a course which is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals of going to college. The AVID class, held within the regular school day, provides support, academic monitoring, and tutoring. Students must apply and interview with AVID administrators to participate in this course. Please complete the AVID application in this Link https://forms.gle/M5b4G1gfw8njGFFs5
BAND: Concert, Symphonic & Jazz (Rental Fees apply)
Concert Band Is our intermediate level class; Students continue to expand their skill set and knowledge about their chosen instrument. Students in this ensemble are second year players, however first year players who are willing to work hard and are determined may also join the ensemble. Intermediate Band is a course which requires students to own or rent an instrument (average rental price is $20.00-$40.00/month), and to practice regularly at home. Students are asked to participate in at least two (2) evening concerts throughout the school year. Symphonic Band members play music which is more challenging and demanding than Intermediate Band. An audition with the Band director is mandatory to be placed in Symphonic Band. Jazz Band offers students an incredible opportunity to explore, experience, and play music in the jazz idiom. Participation in Jazz Band requires a large commitment. This band performs in tours, contests, and concerts throughout the school year. Membership is by audition or approval of the band director.
CHOIR: Intermediate (Bella Voice/Tenor Bass Choir) & Advanced
This advanced treble choir (Bella Voice) focuses on vocal technique, sight-reading, music theory, and performance practices. As well, the boys choir focuses on vocal technique, sight-reading, music theory, and performance practices. The core curriculum is centered around learning, performing, and reflecting on a wide variety of repertoire that is central to choral education. Students will be required to participate in 4 concerts throughout the year, as this is a performance based class. Advanced choral ensemble focuses on producing the highest level of choral music. The core curriculum is centered around learning, performing, and reflecting on a wide variety of repertoire that is central to choral education. Concert choir students will participate in choral festivals as representatives of Gordon Russell Middle School. Students are expected to attend choir retreats, tours, clinics, concerts and festivals. Advanced choir students are ambassadors of the school representing musical excellence, musical storytelling, and model student behavior. An audition with the Choir instructor is mandatory to be placed in Advanced Choir.
Leadership (Application Required)
Students will have the opportunity to develop their effectiveness as a leader throughout this course. All activities are designed to enhance a student’s communication, managerial and human relations skills, and overall self-awareness. Students will be instrumental in planning school-related activities such as spirit events, fundraising, and school beautification. Students must apply and be accepted into the program by instructor and administration to participate. Please complete the following application and submit by Friday May 29th. Link https://forms.gle/QFwEmfQ1kuJRKLsy7
Spanish (Introductory / NO high school credit)
Spanish will provide the student with a general introduction to the Spanish language: pronunciation, functional vocabulary related to everyday life, cultural information and basic grammatical structures. Emphasis will be on the acquisition of four skills: listening, speaking, reading and limited writing. NO high school credit will be received.
The goal of STEM is to foster a learning environment in which students are guided to produce original ideas, objects, and structures according to certain specifications using concepts and skills from math, science, and technology. The mission of the course is to grow students' capacity for creativity, fun, and back-loaded learning in a STEM context.
Video Production
This class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of multimedia and video production. Students are engaged in hands-on experiences, use communications skills, and develop strategies to learn the basics of video pre-production, production, and post-production. Students produce video products in the form of daily news broadcasts to the school and other video pieces.
Yearbook / Journalism
In this course students will gain skills in one or more of the following areas: graphic design, publishing techniques, news reporting, article writing, editing, photography and sales while producing a yearbook and newsletter which record school memories and events.
Youth Perspective
The aim of this course is to create opportunities for young people to engage in student citizenship to better the school and outer community through service learning.
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Athletic PE
Video Production
Yearbook / Journalism
Youth Perspective
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