Lead By Example Hockey Training Questionnaire
Fill out the questions below detailed as possible. It will allow me to program your nutrition + workouts for you better and make our time together way more efficient therefore you stay on track in the gym and on your nutrition. So you never have to worry about being unsure what to do in the gym or with your diet/nutrition!
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What is your degree of fitness knowledge (1 being none, 10 being knowledgeable) *
What is your degree of nutrition knowledge?
What is your current physical fitness goal? *
How many times a week do you currently workout? *
What have you done at the gym in the past? (I.e Orange theory, soul cycle, run, circuit based training, etc..)
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Why do you think you have trouble staying on track/on a program in the gym or diet plan? *
Do you have issues with recovery workout to workout? *
Briefly describe your day of eating in 1-2 sentences *
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Are you comfortable with recording your workouts?/sending pictures of your food? *
What is your level of commitment currently? *
What is your current job? *
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Each gram of fat contains 9 calories *
Each gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories *
Each gram of protein contains 4 calories *
Have you tracked/counted calories? *
Are you comfortable with counting calories? *
Are you comfortable with being patient and taking it slow to start? *
Are you interested in programming? (I would set up a 3-4 day workout plan for you based on what you can, experience, etc..) *
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