Parent Survey: Benchmark skill assessments for your student.
Benchmark skill assessments are used to provide a clear picture of your student's academic abilities. This data is used to determine your child's future academic needs. When administering these tests it is important that students show what they know and that they are in a quiet location with little distractions. We believe that the best place to test is in the classroom with the support of a teacher. Portsmouth West Elementary staff is hoping that testing in the classroom will be possible. We are also very aware of the current COVID-19 issues. Planning for such assessments requires us to look at different possibilities. Please complete this survey to help us prepare a testing scenario that would work best for your student. The skill assessment will take place approximately January 11th - 22nd, 2021. Testing will take 30-60 minutes.
1. What grade level is your student (s) ? If you have more than one student attending PWES, please check all grade levels that apply. *
2. If PWES is virtual for Benchmark testing, would you be willing to bring your student for testing at a scheduled time and date? *
3. If you answered Yes to question 2, answer this question. What time would be best for you to bring your student (s) to PWES for benchmark testing?
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If you answered NO to question 2, please respond to this question: Do you have reliable internet for staying on a Google Meet for 30 to 60 minutes?
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