ketOntack Nutrition 2 series feedback
Congratulations for completing the Nutrition 2 series. It would be of great help, if take 5 minutes to submit your feedback regarding the course you have just completed to help us improve.
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Nutrition 2 series *
Did the series fulfill your expectation? What went well and what could be improved?
Coach *
Did your coach help you for the during of the course? Did you expect something different?
The level of effort *
What was the level of effort you had to put to get through the series?
A lot
It was a mountain to climb
Level of effort you put into the course
Contribution to learning *
Did the series contribute to your knowledge around nutrtion , healthy eating , keto and fasting?
Very good
Level of knowledge at start of course
Level of skill/knowledge at end of course
Contribution of course to your skill/knowledge
Change of habits *
Did the series contribute to your changing of habits?
Not there yet
Getting used to it
It is a habit !
Doing a low-carb lifestyle
Performing intermittent fasting
Having nutritional dense meal
Avoiding anti-nutrients
Supporting my genetics with right nutritional choices
Skill and responsiveness of the coach *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Coach was an effective lecturer/demonstrator
Presentations were clear and organized
Coach stimulated interest
Coach effectively used the weekly f2f
Course content *
Was the content provided helpful ?
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Learning objectives were clear
Course content was organized and well planned
Course workload was appropriate
Course content allowed me to learn
What aspects of this course were most useful or valuable?
How would you improve this course?
How easy do you think meal preparation is? *
Very difficult
Very easy
How likely are you to follow this type of lifestyle in the future? *
Most definetely
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