FIRST Tech Challenge at Piedmont High School
Piedmont Makers organizes FIRST Tech Challenge teams and hosts tournaments for Piedmont and the broader East Bay community. Like a sports team, each team will meet for weekly practices on weekdays and weekends. There will also be scrimmages in Piedmont and tournaments at various locations around Northern California.

The FTC season will run from August to February and if their team qualifies, will continue to Northern California Regional Championships and World Championships in March and April 2020.

Come to the High School Robotics Open House Wednesday, April 21 online at 7:30pm to learn more.
The Presentation and Video Recording of the Open House can be found at

The deadline for this application is May 10, 2020
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Roses and Rivets (FTC)
Scotbotics (FTC)
Zenith (FTC)
The Highlanders (FRC)
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Programming in JAVA
Mechanical tool skills, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers
Soldering, Crimping and Wiring
CAD application
Metal tool skills, cutting, drilling, grinding
Writing, photography and documentation
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