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If you've ever been to Science in the City you will know that it isn't your usual run of the mill festival. It is unique to Malta, bringing Science, Research and the Arts together. This year the festival will be a hybrid event, with both physical and online events, taking place across the weekend of the 24th September 2021.

We need diligent volunteers to help our audience have an enjoyable experience at the festival both for the physical and online events we will be hosting. We need people who enjoy photography and videography to help us document and promote the event (during and before the festival), others to help collect data from the visitors (both online and real world) to help us gauge our strengths and weaknesses (evaluation/research) and we need volunteers to help visitors with any problems they might have so they can have the best experience possible! (Ushers)

If you feel you can be one of these lovely people and want to join our ever growing family, we can guarantee an amazing time with lots of new friends and a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes. Training and certificates will be provided to all, so you will be well prepared for whatever task you choose.

If you require further information please contact info@scienceinthecity.org.mt

PLEASE NOTE: This is a registration of interest and will be followed up by a member of our team in July with more details about the roles for the festival!
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