Southern Chester County Academy Survey
Dear Southern Chester County Parishioner,

Please find the survey for the Southern Chester County Academy that was introduced at the May 30th meeting. We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback and insight on the meeting as well as answering some questions regarding potential location(s) for the Academy. Hopefully you were able to attend at least one of the open houses on June 6th to help broaden your perspective of possibilities.

Please consider the following as you complete the survey:
• Your feedback will be collated to help provide input into consideration as one of the data points in the decision-making process.
• As you respond to the potential two location questions please note that busing will be provided at no additional cost to you.
• Please be as honest with your response as it critical that we have accurate information to make a decision for today and the future.

Thank you again for your time and your engagement. Please note that the survey will be open until June 23rd and we will provide you with results after the information is compiled, collated, and analyzed.

Thank you.
The Southern Chester County Steering Committee

Did you attend the May 30th Town Hall Meeting at St. Gabriel's Church *
Did you attend the June 6th Visitation Day? *
My child(ren) currently attends a Catholic School in Southern Chester County. *
What grades are your child(ren) in for this current school year? *
I am a parishioner of one of the following parishes: *
I believe that there is a need to continue Catholic education in southern Chester County. *
I support the plan presented at the Town Hall meeting on May 30, 2018 *
I have enrolled or will enroll my child(ren) in Catholic School for the 2018-2019 school year. *
I will send my child(ren) to wherever the location of the Academy is determined. *
I will send my child(ren) to the Oxford location if it is selected for the Academy. *
I will send my child(ren) to the West Grove location if it is selected for the Academy. *
I will send my child(ren) to the Academy if using both school locations is the solution? *
I will send my child to public school if it is not my current school. *
I will send my child to private school if it is not my current school. *
Do you have a suggestion for the name of the Academy?
Are there any additional comments that you would like to share?
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