Weeklong 2: Labyrinth Feedback Form
Hello players! We hope you've enjoyed the weeklong. Please use this form to offer feedback so that we can continue to offer the best games possible.
How were our pre-game missions? How was our hype? How about the briefings? Was everything explained clearly?
Day Mission Monday: How did it go? Was it fun? How were the mechanics? Leave your feedback below!
Night Mission Monday: How did it go? Was it fun? Was it balanced? Feedback goes below!
Day Mission Tuesday: Leave feedback below!
Night Mission Tuesday: Give us that feedback!
Day Mission Wednesday: It's feedback time!
Night Mission Wednesday: Feedback frenzy!
Day Mission Thursday: Go on, give it to us, we can take it!
Night Mission Thursday: Well, what did you think?
Day Mission Friday: A penny for your thoughts
Night Mission Friday: How was it? Was it a satisfying end to the weeklong?
General Rewards Feedback: Were rewards fair and balanced? Were there any particular ones you liked or disliked?
General Moderator Feedback: What did you think of our mod team? Did any mods stand out (in a good or bad way)?
General Feedback: Do you have any other thoughts to offer us?
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