1Wall World Cup - Nov 1st 2019, Belgium
Previously known as the "Federation Cup", the 1Wall World Cup sees nations fight it out for the top spot - just like the Davis Cup in tennis.


This is a gender equal event. For this first event you need a minimum of 1 man and 1 women from your country to compete.
The format for each match will be: Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Mixed Doubles

You need to be from the country you are representing - see eligibility criteria below

There can only be ONE team per country. The board will deliberate which team is accepted if more than one team is submitted. Each issue will be taken on a case by case basis and there may be different outcomes for different countries - including the possibility of, in rare circumstances, a play off between national teams prior to the start of the event.

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Which National Governing Body are you From?
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If you are not from a National Governing Body (NGB), which organisation or group do you represent and why should we consider your team rather than the NGB team?
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Please name your players (note you need at least 1 x man and 1 x woman to be eligible). Please note who is male and who is female (it's sometimes not easy to tell based on the name!!) *
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A player may only play for their country if:

(a) he/she was born in that country and has passport proof; or

(b) one parent or grandparent was born in that country (proof required); or

(c) he/she has completed thirty six consecutive months of Residence
immediately preceding the time of playing in that country (proof required); and

(d) he/she has not represented another country in 1Wall in the preceding 3 years.

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Terms of playing in the 2019 1Wall World Cup
In addition to the eligibility criteria above you confirm that:

- you will represent your country with decency and respect
- you will respect the tournament and the tournament organisers and any use of foul language or abusive behaviour may result in immediate disqualification
- all team members will wear the same national kit, which is to have your Nation printed on the back so cameras can identify you easily
- there is no funding for this event, so you and your team will have to pay for your own flights and accommodation
- everyone on your team gives their permission to be filmed and photographed at the event
- you will adhere to the 1Wall rules of the Euro1Wall Tour. These may differ from your own, particularly if you come from the Americas. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the rules properly before playing. The referee's judgement is final.

I and my team understand and agree with the terms and conditions *
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