Please buy for me SPURTCrypto for the Ether I send you
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This form is especially for clients who do not want to buy SPURTCrypto themselves more than one time and want us to do that for them
Therefore you can ONLY use this form, if you bought Ether and transferred it to account 0x3d50E075AF09dAe2d62dAd9B26d6253B10F880dc
We work only on this request, after we received your Ether.
I transferred the following amount in USD value to the above account. *
Realize that for opening an account the amount must be at least 50 USD. If you are transfering Ether because your account will be deleted (balances below 1000 SPURT, please use those instructions (
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I want the SPURTCrypto to be placed in my Metamask account. I will transfer it later myself to an exchanger or to any person I want to do business with. My Metamask address is: *
Leave blank if you want SPURTCrypto to be placed on your Regal Holdings account. See below. Please enter the correct Crypto address starting with 0x. Please COPY and PASTE.
I already registered an account with the Exchanger REGAL HOLDINGS and want the SPURTCrypto to be placed on that account, with number:
Make SURE you provide the SPU account address in Regal Holdings. ONLY then you can receive your SPURTCrypto. If you give the wrong address, for example from Ether, you will have lost your SPURTCrypto
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