Youmacon Crew Sign-up Form
Interested in helping out? Fill out the from below and we will take you into consideration!

Please Note: Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will be accepted into a crew position, or that that you will be able to join a particular department. Some may be asked to instead sign up for our intern program which will be announced at a later date.

Requirements of Crew:
All crew are required to:

1. You must be at least 18 years old as of the first day of the convention.

2. You must be able to communicate in English.

3. Sign up with the official crew sign up sheet and NDA form that will be distributed by Department Heads prior to the convention.

Expectations of Crew:
All crew are expected to:

1. Follow all rules set forth by Youmacon and individual Department Heads.

2. Maintain a friendly, professional attitude both while on duty and off.

3. Report for all scheduled shifts

4. Report to all shifts sober and do not drink alcohol while on Duty

5. Do not wear Cosplay while on duty unless authorized by your Department Head.

Crew Benefits:
Remember: Joining the crew is a volunteer position. You are not an employee of Youmacon and will not receive any financial compensation. Benefits change each year, but crew can generally expect the following :
(This is not a comprehensive list and may be subject to change)

1. A crew badge (Functionally the same as a 3-Day Badge when not on duty)

2. Access to the Crew Shuttle

3. Sleeping accommodations (Often sharing a room with 1 or more other. Please let your Department Head know if you have any special rooming requirements)

4. 2 meal vouchers per day, redeemable in the Renaissance Center food court

5. Access to the Hospitality Suits for free drinks and snacks

6. Participate in the "Crew and Guest meet and greet", where crew gets the chance to interact with guests that they might not be able to during the event due to work schedules.

Crew Restrictions:
Various duties you may be asked to perform special duties with guests and in restricted areas. However, unless specifically authorized, a crew badge does NOT automatically give you the following privileges.

1. Enter the green room, go behind the stage, or enter any other restricted area.

2. Confiscate or threaten to confiscate anyone’s badge.

3. Remove or threaten to remove attendees off the elevators.

4. Physically move attendees in any panel, room, or line.
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