LegendsRP Mechanic Application
This is the official application form for the Official Mechanic Job.
Please fill the blanks in an honest manner and remember that there's no wrong answers!
Please fill out the application personally, and do not copy or share your answers with anyone!
Thank you, and good luck.

Mechanics are a vital part of our city. It's more than just, 'show up and fix someone's car, and leave'. This is to make your interactions worthwhile and engaging with other players in a unique and fun way. This is also intended to be profitable for your time. It's ok to have a fun unique character - as long as you are mature, respectful, and willing to have good RP we will have a good time.

* You MUST be 18 years old or older.
* You MUST have a working microphone.
* You MUST have TS3 installed and functioning
* You MUST have a valid drivers license.
* You SHOULD be capable of learning new things.
* You SHOULD have knowledge about the rules.
* You SHOULD not be banned/punished recently esp. for car relate crimes.

*It is a 100 word MINIMUM requirement. You can go over 100 words. Do not go under. Your application will be denied*

Word limit requirement to show how proactive you can be at generating Role-play content for those that come into the mechanics shop.

Applications are reviewed Twice a week.
If your application is denied you can reapply after a two week period.
Steam ID *
Discord Name: (E.g. Discord#0821) *
Steam Profile Link (copy URL) *
Are you at least 18+ years of age? *
Age *
Do you have a mic? *
Are you able to speak and understand English Fluently? *
Timezone *
Have you joined the Discord [discord.gg/4rwVedF]? *
Being a mechanic on this server requires a small commitment to the mass public- are you willing to commit to minimum average of 4 hours a week to dedicate quality Mechanic Roleplay? (We understand life happens)
Clear selection
Do you understand that you may be removed for failing to meet the standards expected of an Mechanic? *
Tell us about yourself, what do you enjoy, what kind of experience do you have with roleplay, etc. [100 Words] *
In-Character PORTION:
The Quality of your answers does affect your outcome. Please attempt to write coherently.
Name (First and Last): *
Phone (123-4567) *
Write 3 examples of when you would tow the vehicle to the shop vs. performing on site repair? [100 Words] *
When do you believe it is appropriate for a mechanic to impound a Vehicle? [100 words] *
How would you react if when responding to a call - someone stole your work vehicle? *
Write a brief reaction that you feel a seasoned mechanic should have in this scenario? [100 words] – You have come across a car that has clearly rolled down the highway leaving a wake a destruction behind it. You are the only one on site. The owner of the vehicle is the one that called you. He is now asking you to repair his vehicle because he’s got some place to be. The car is clearly totaled. *
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