2020 Teen Volunteer Program Application
Application Deadline: April 1 2020.

PLEASE NOTE if you would like to save your responses and return to edited them at a later time, simply hit submit at the end of the survey then copy the URL that appears on the next page. You can then use that URL to return to your survey responses at any time. We will not review the applications until the 1st so feel free to make as many changes as you need to.
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Short Answer
Using complete sentences, please thoughtfully answer each of the questions below in two to four sentences per question.
Have you ever volunteered before? If yes, please describe your previous experiences with volunteer work, including what you have learned from the experiences. If no, please describe what you would like to learn from volunteering. *
Have you ever visited Winterthur? If yes, what is your favorite thing to do on a visit? If no, what aspect(s) of Winterthur are you most excited to experience? *
Why do you want to volunteer at Winterthur? *
What skills have you developed through other experiences that will benefit you as a Teen Volunteer? *
Have you had a really great experience at a museum? What made it so special? *
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