Make Seattle an Abortion Rights Sanctuary City!
- Make Seattle an Abortion Rights Sanctuary City!
- Fund FREE abortions for ALL Seattle residents & anyone fleeing abortion-related criminal charges by increasing the Amazon Tax!

Roe v. Wade has been overturned by the Supreme Court. We now face the single biggest attack on women, queer and pregnant people, and reproductive rights in most of our lifetimes, and this right-wing Supreme Court has also given every indication that they plan to carry out draconian attacks on LGBTQ rights. Working people cannot rely on the Democratic Party and their NGO allies, who failed to mount a fight against the right wing. We must get independently organized. Laws violating basic bodily autonomy and criminalizing reproductive healthcare are fundamentally unjust , and our movement will not allow Seattle to be complicit! Roe v. Wade, like all victories for the working class under capitalism, was wrenched from the hands of the powerful by mass movements led by rank and file workers. We will need to rebuild similar militant mass action in order to defeat this attack.

The Abortion Rights Sanctuary legislation, from socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, alongside progressive labor unions, socialists, and women’s rights activists, would make Seattle a sanctuary city for anyone facing a legal penalty in their home state for seeking or providing an abortion. If the City Council Democrats vote YES on our legislation, Seattle Police would be prevented from processing arrest warrants related to anti-abortion laws around the country, for both patients and their doctors and other care providers.
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In your own words, why should Seattle be an abortion rights sanctuary city and also fund free abortions for all Seattle residents and anyone fleeing abortion-related criminal charges by raising the Amazon Tax?
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