CHIuXiD 2020: Trusted Tester Panels in Emerging Markets
//Call for Participation
This 3 hour workshop at CHI uXiD ( invites HCI and UX designers, researchers, students, software professionals, and market researchers to contribute to the emerging area of trusted tester panels in emerging markets.

CHI workshop attendees at CHI uXiD can expect to learn about creating user panels and best practices in utilizing a research method for emerging markets from several organizations. When studying emerging markets there is a range of literacy, cultural, and geographic factors to understand. Creating user panels in emerging markets can be tricky. We seek to gather examples and case studies, and share expertise on how to adapt the trusted tester methodology to emerging markets.

We seek position statements using the form below. Participants will be selected based on relevance to the workshop, quality of the contribution, and ability to contribute to discussion. At least one author must attend the workshop. We welcome insights on the following topics:
- Please tell us about the structure of the Trusted Tester panel you created
- Discuss how addressing low-tech literacy effected your findings. Did you find any solutions?
- How did you ensure diverse perspectives on your Trusted Tester panel? Why did you choose this option?
- What types of behavioral analytics did you collect during your study? Why and how were they useful?
- Other insights in working in emerging markets

Submissions and questions should be submitted using this Form.

//Important Dates
Submissions due: 18 Oct
Notification of acceptance: 20 Oct
Workshop date: 21 Oct (2:15pm-5pm Jakarta GMT+07)
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About the workshop organizers
Julie Schiller is a UX researcher and leader at Google. She has led and contributed to teams in both software and human factors. She has two masters degrees, one in HCI from University College London and one in Industrial Engineering from University of Michigan. Julie has worked at organizations such as Facebook, Ford, and the British Broadcasting Company. She is a Senior Member of the ACM. In her current work she leads Google’s UX culture and community across Asia Pacific.

Muzayun Mukhtar is a product researcher at the Next Billion Users (NBU) team at Google. Her research work lies at the intersection of economic development, trust and hyperlocal online communities in emerging markets. In the past, she has worked in domains like public healthcare, agriculture and information management. She earned a masters degree with focus on product design research in Italy and before that her post-graduate degree at NID India.
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