Kúkátónón: Children's African Dance Troupe (CADT) Member Registration 2019/2020 Performance Season Open Enrollment - Fall Deadline (09/30/2019)
We are excited to invite our community to Kúkátónón programming for 2019/2020.

Thank you for your interest in the Children's African Dance Troupe (CADT). Please complete the CADT Member Registration form, and be sure to fill out one application per child to ensure that we have accurate information for each of our members records. This form is mandatory for children age 7 to 18 to participate in Kúkátónón programs.

The CADT annual program cost is $50 per child. We accept cash or checks for registration fees (please make checks payable to: Kúkátónón). If you require a fee waiver, or have questions, please contact Ms. Trina at busops@kukatonon.org or (503) 756-5312. Thank you!

Thanks to our funders and sponsors: Black United Fund, Nike Community Impact Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, MRG Foundation, NE Coalition of Neighborhoods, Spirit Mountain Community Fund, Trail Blazers Foundation Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation - Play Grant
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Kúkátónón - Youth Development Program
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