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Interested in one on one coaching to make sure your money is working FOR you, and not against you? We got you boo!! We have several different options for Bravely coaching sessions, but we want to know where you are with money today. This is a safe space, and everything you share here is 100% confidential, even if we never work together.
Hello and welcome! It's nice to have you here. I'm Kara and I help you get better with money.
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The Bravely Deep Dive Coaching is $350. Are you ready to make the investment in yourself and your future? *
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We have a values based spending workbook for $20 that helps you identify your lifestyle and financial values, create a budget, and identify your spending triggers.

Our freelance starter guide for $97 covers opening a business bank account, setting your freelancer rate, freelance taxes, your business designation (LLC vs Sole Prop), pitch emails, marketing yourself, building an email list, and organizing your business finances!

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