CLC Covid-19 Survey
The CLC Staff would like some feedback regarding your thoughts about online church and re-opening church.
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Have you been engaging with CLC's Online Worship services with the same frequency as before COVID-19?
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As local government eases and lifts gathering restrictions, how would you feel about attending in-person service?
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Now that there is government “clearance" to meet again in person at church/SDA, which would you prefer for CLC? Check all that apply.
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What would help you better engage in the virtual worship platform for spiritual growth and discipleship?
What would help the non-Christians in your life engage with us on the virtual worship platform?
At the current time, how would you rate your overall spiritual well-being? (1=not good 4=I'm ok, 7=I'm exceptionally well)
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What would help you or what has helped you in your spiritual well-being?
How much financial stress are you experiencing related to your personal finances? (1=immense stress 3=some financial stress, 5=no stress)
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Optional - What has helped you or what has caused your financial stress?
How strongly do you agree with this statement? I have people in my life I can count on, no matter what happens.
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Optional - What would help you or what has helped you regarding the question above?
Anything else you would like to share with the CLC Staff? (ie-comments, prayer requests, praises!)
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