Edmonton is STILL Fine Contributions!
Lonely Planet did a less-than-glowing review of Edmonton in 2017 (let us recall: a “stopover” to other destinations, “frigidly cold for much of the year,” with a downtown that is “for the moneyed or the down and out.”)

In response, local designer Vikki Wiercinski created a map of fun and offbeat things that make Edmonton great using crowdsourcing (this being Edmonton, we just do it ourselves). This was the sold-out 2017 Edmonton is Fine map.

It's been a few years and things change, and a new map was released in May 2020. I'd love your help crowdsourcing a few new places for suture updates, please enter them below!

Visit and map orders: yegisfine.com
Instagram/twitter: @yegisfine
Questions: yegisfine@gmail.com
Do tell: offbeat locations/places/things in Edmonton that you enjoy and think others should know about. They can be anywhere (and anything) in the city or further afield (let's try to stay a maximum half hour road trip from the city limits):
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