WarMUN 2018 Security Council Application Form
WarMUN 2018 will take place 16th to 18th of February. This year we are trying out a fully resolution based hybrid crisis centred around the Kashmir conflict, set in the near future. Please fill out the form below in order to apply to be one of the chairs of the committee.

We are looking to introduce a crisis element to the committee by including news updates and other developments during the course of the conference that could shape the direction of the debate and resolution writing.

You will receive a copy of your responses as confirmation of your application.

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In your opinion, what role do the United Nations and the Security Council, in particular, have to play in the Kashmir conflict? What barriers does the international community need to overcome in order to come closer to a resolution?
Your committee is being dominated by 1-2 delegates, whilst the rest are being quiet. Your previous attempts to get more people to join the discussion by asking for other speakers to raise their placard have failed, how would you rebalance the committee?
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