BGSA Client Communication Survey
We're always looking at how we can make your experience with BGSA better, with that in mind can you please answer a few questions on communicating with us? Thank you for your time.
Booking Appointments
We currently book most appointments over the phone, but can also accept appointment requests thru our website where you can select your preferred date & time and we'll then contact you by phone to confirm the appointment.
What would be your preferred method for booking appointments with us? *
If we need to make a change to your appointment date or time how would you prefer to be notified? *
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about booking appointments?
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Appointment Itineraries
Itineraries are the letters we send with the date, time, location & preparation instructions for your future appointment.
For appointment itineraries, how would you prefer they be sent to you? *
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about itineraries?
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Appointment Reminders
Reminders are essential for BGSA to deliver our services in an efficient & timely fashion. Currently, our automated system calls patients two business days prior to an appointment, making up to 5 attempts if the call goes unanswered. It will also text patients 24 hours prior to their appointment. When the automated system wasn't successful in reaching a patient staff will also try to contact them.
Have you had a call or text from our current automated reminder system? *
If you have, how would you rate the experience?
Would you care to elaborate more on your experience or have a suggestion regarding the current reminder process?
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How would you prefer to be contacted for appointment reminders? *
Is there anything else about appointment reminders you'd like to share with us?
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Is there anything else in general about how we're communicating with you that you'd like to share with us?
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