Pupil Questionnaire 2019
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Do you enjoy school?
Do you learn new things in lessons?
Are your lessons interesting and fun?
If you get stuck with work in class do you get help?
Are you expected to work hard?
Do teachers show you how to make your work better?
Are you doing well in school?
Do you feel safe in school?
Do you understand the school rules?
Do you know what happens if you break the school rules?
Do you think the school cares about you?
Do you behave well?
Do most children in your class behave well?
Do most children in the playground behave well?
Are other children friendly?
Do you know how to get help if you are worried about something?
Are teachers fair to you?
Do teachers listen to your ideas?
Are you proud to go to this school?
What do you like about your school?
Your answer
How could we make the school even better?
Your answer
What's your favourite club? Are there any other clubs you would like?
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