UCDC 2021 Registration Form
Please fill this form out to register for UCDC 2021. This registration will be open till March 19th 2021. Direct questions to scott.eaton@maine.edu
What is your team name?
What is your school name?
Which competition age group is your team competing in?
Team leader first and last name (must be staff or teacher)
Team leader email
Team leader physical address
Team leader phone number
How many members in your team?
Why are you registering for this competition?
Have you participated in a open registration school competition before?
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If yes on previous question, provide details of your competition
Please describe your familiarity with cubesats (1 being no familiarity, and 10 being expert)
Is your team capable of travel to Portland, ME in June if you become a finalist? Travel funds will be available based on need.
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Describe your teams anticipated level of preparedness for the competition?
Does your team have a satellite mission plan already? If no, no problem! We can help identify one.
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If yes on previous question, please briefly describe your team's idea?
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