COVID-19 Sewn Masks Request Form
MakeHaven and the United Way of Greater New Haven have partnered together to coordinate the sewing and delivery efforts to distribute hand-sewn masks and plastic face shields to nonprofit organizations who are essential service providers across Greater New Haven, CT. Please provide accurate contact information and delivery address (New Haven County only), and someone will be in touch with you when we have masks available.

Individuals/companies: please see our list of local people who sew mask to purchase masks directly:, under Local Commercial Producers.

Please read our important note at the top of Requesting masks through this form signifies that you understand that hand-sewn masks do not meet regulatory guidelines and are for use at your own risk.
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Which PPE are you requesting? See pictures below if you are unclear. *
Masks are cloth (left); face shields are plastic (right) *Note shields are just the plastic portion and do not include an n95 mask (we wish!)
How many masks or shields do you need? Note that for requests greater than 25, they will be filled in batches of 25 at a time to ensure all organizations are getting some. *
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Who will be receiving/using these masks? (eg adult staff, adult volunteers, medical professionals, first responders, etc.) *
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Thanks! We'll be in touch as soon as we can be.
You can also email with questions. We will answer as soon as we can, but we are coordinating a lot. Be well!
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