SDSU Health Professions Advising Office - Peer Mentor Request
Students who have attended an HPAO orientation and established a file may request a peer mentor. Peer mentors are a group of dedicated, experienced, and trained students planning a career in the health professions who volunteer their time to assist other SDSU students. You will be matched with a peer mentor based on the information you provide and your health profession interest.

When assigned a peer mentor, you agree to:
- Respond within 48 hours to all communication (e-mail, phone, or other) from your peer mentor and from HPAO staff.
- Meet with your mentor a minimum of 3 times during the semester (through Zoom, Facetime, etc.)
- Arrive on time and prepared for each meeting.
- Provide a minimum 24 hours' notice to cancel or reschedule a meeting (or this will count as a missed meeting).
- Notify your mentor and HPAO ( if you change your health profession interest or want to discontinue with your peer mentor.
- Address immediately any concerns you have about your peer mentor with the HPAO director (

Mentees who miss two (2) scheduled meetings or do not respond to HPAO communication (peer mentor or staff) will be dropped. It is the students responsibility to check his/her email regularly. Mentees who do not meet this expectations will not benefit fully and are subject to losing their peer mentor.
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