Winterschool for Thinktankers 2019 - Geneva: Application form
Please complete this form to apply to the Winterschool for Thinktankers 2019. The organisers, On Think Tanks and foraus, will review your application and get back in touch as soon as possible. The review process will take place on a rolling basis. We want to make sure that all participants meet the objectives of the School.
Before you begin, make sure you have:

1) Personal information (you will know this) - but we expect that you submit your CV via LinkedIn
2) A link to a video of you telling us about:
a) your experience with think tanks, why you want to join the Winterschool
b) how you will apply the lessons learned during the Winterschool
c) what your contribution to it will be.
The video, which should be 3 minutes long or less, it does not have to be in High Resolution nor have a professional look. We just want to get to know you as much as possible. We are not looking for stars; just be yourselves. A webcam head- shot video will be just fine.
3) A 500 word personal statement to accompany the video (optional)
4) A photo ID of yourself
5) Your cv ( PDF)


6)If you are coming in representation of an organisation a short letter of recommendation (in PDF) saying that they support your participation.

Good luck!

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