Cub Scout Pack 43 -- 2019 Rhodes France Resident Camps Sign-Up Form
Pack 43 Families - please read all of these materials thoroughly before submitting!!

To sign up for Summer Resident Camp (Cub Scout Summer Camp OR Webelos Woods), fill out and submit this form. There will be a separate form to sign up for Railsplitter Day Camp (which is day camp only - no overnights).

These are multi-day overnight camping opportunities!! A Pack 43 leader will respond to you with an invoice when your form is received within 48-72 hours.

THE DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP FOR RESIDENT CAMP TO HAVE PACK 43 PAY THE SCOUT FEE IS MAY 17 by 5:00 PM. Pack 43 does get a $5 discount if we sign up by April 10. Submissions may not be accepted after May 17 after 5:00 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cub Scout Summer Camp & Webelos Woods

-- Cub Scout Summer Camp is June 7-9, 2019
-- Webelos Woods is July 25-28, 2019
-- Both camps are at Greater St. Louis Area Council''s Rhodes France Scout Reservation near Pana, IL -

-- CSSC and WW are organized by Greater St. Louis Area Council (not Pack 43) -
-- This is OVERNIGHT tent camping!!
-- Resident Camps are one of the few opportunities Scouts have yearly to participate in BB Gun & Archery shooting sports.
-- Families bring their own tents, sleeping pads, cots, sleeping bags, etc.

-- Pack 43 pays the fee for each Scout to attend one Resident Camp
-- If a Scout attends a Resident Camp and Day Camp, Pack 43 pays for the Resident Camp only, unless the Scout earned their second camp through popcorn sales rewards.
-- Scout fee includes meals during camp, program materials, camp t-shirt, patch and camp mug & clip
-- A parent or designated responsible adult MUST attend Resident Camp with their Scout, unless arrangements are made with Pack leadership. Both parents can attend, if desired (and some do!).
-- Adult registration fees and optional adult t-shirt fees are paid by the family (not Pack 43)
-- ***Adult fees must be paid to Pack 43 before the Scout can be registered***

-- All campers (including adults) should take their health form with them to camp (do *not* turn in to Pack 43)
-- Health forms available at
-- The BSA health form must be used - other forms (including school forms) will *not* be accepted.
-- Scouters who arrive at camp without all parts filled out will not be allowed to participate (no exceptions!).
****NOTE 1 - all WEBELOS WOODS participants must fill out Parts A, B & C - Part C is a doctor's physical (including doctor's dated signature).
****NOTE 2 - all CUB SCOUT SUMMER CAMP participants need to fill out only Parts A & B - no doctor's physical is required for CSSC.
****NOTE 3 - forms are only valid for one year - last year's form may be expired!!

-- DO NOT register directly with the Greater St. Louis Area Council or on their website, as this will prevent the Pack from being able to pay for the fees and register the Scout appropriately.

-- The day we go to check in at camp, we will load everyone's totes (more information on packing later) into the Pack 43 Trailer and convoy to Rhodes France Scout Reservation together. If you do not load your gear into the trailer with us, be advised walking and carrying it from the parking lot to the camp sites can be a very long distance (no cars are allowed at camp sites).

-- As you sign up, please have your Scout review the WEBELOS WOODS Adventure Sessions. This portion of the form must be completed before we can accept your registration. Classes sometimes fill up - get your form in quickly! We cannot register your scout until classes have been selected!

--More information on all Summer Camps can be found at or

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Cub Scout First Name & Last Name *
Fill out a separate form for each Scout attending
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Current Rank *
This is the rank the Scout is RIGHT NOW.
Scout Birth Date *
Scout T-Shirt Size *
Cub Scout t-shirt is included in camp registration fee (no cost)
Parent/Adult Name(s) Attending Camp with Scout *
Include $45.00 per adult fee (Cub Scout Summer Camp) or $55.00 per adult fee (Webelos Woods) to Pack 43 ($5 discount if paid to Pack 43 by April 10).
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Mobile Phone Number (adult attendee) *
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Parent/Adult T-Shirt Size *
Adult t-shirts are OPTIONAL - if desired, please include $12.00 fee to Pack 43
Parent/Adult T-Shirt Size (additional)
Adult t-shirts are OPTIONAL - if desired, please include $12.00 fee to Pack 43
Email Address 1 *
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Emergency Contact Name *
Adult emergency contact not attending camp
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Emergency Contact Mobile Number *
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Serious Allergies or other Health Concerns we should know about? *
Enter "None" if not applicable. Please give full details camp staff should be aware of while your Scout is participating. Information will only be reviewed by Camp Staff charged with the health and well-being of the Scouts. FOR CONFIDENTIALITY, YOU MAY CHOOSE NOT TO ANSWER HERE!! If you choose not to answer here, please provide that information to Camp Staff when checking in at camp
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Dietary Restrictions? *
Enter "None" if not applicable. Please provide full details for Camp Staff.
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Any special needs or additional important information for Pack 43 leaders?
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Camp Information Communication *
Camp Weather *
It is okay for the Council to take pictures of my Scout during camp. *
Our desire is for you to answer Yes to this question to help the Council promote future camps on their web site, on Facebook, in marketing materials, etc. Names of Scouts are not used in those communications without consent. The Council also usually provides a CD after camp with all the pictures they took during camp.
Payment Agreement *
Please check your calendars!! Cub Scout Summer Camp is June 7-9 and Webelos Woods is July 25-28. I understand if my Scout signs up for Resident Camp, Pack 43 will pay the $70 or $90 registration fee for my Scout to attend camp. *****If my Scout does not attend camp, I agree to reimburse Pack 43 for the cost of the camp*****. Cancellation and refunds for special circumstances are not guaranteed by Greater St. Louis Area Council or Pack 43.
Payment Method for Adult and other fees *
Following your form submission, you will receive an invoice with your total amount due within 48-72 hours. You will receive this invoice regardless of the payment method you select, for tracking purposes. If you select to pay via Credit/Debit card, you will have the option to pay directly online without a PayPal account. Your Scout will not be registered for Summer Camp until all adult fees have been paid to Pack 43. Those fees are due to Pack 43 no later than May 17 for the Scout to be registered & paid. IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU PRINT THIS COMPLETED PAGE FOR YOUR RECORDS *BEFORE* PRESSING SUBMIT.
Desired Camp *
Cub Scout Summer Camp is geared to younger Scouts - current Tigers & Wolves. Scouts who are currently Bears or Webelos should attend Webelos Woods. We save $5 per Scout if we register by April 10 (please help us save that money!!).
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