Gearend Beta Testing Submission Form
Submission form to request for access to beta test Gearend. Gearend is a short 2D side-scrolling non-linear action platform game in development for desktop platforms (Windows, OS X, and Linux).
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What kind of desktop operating system do you use?
What distribution / version of operating system do you use?
e.g. "Windows 10", "Mac OS X 10.12", "Solus 2017.1.1.0", "Ubuntu 16.10", etc.
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What architecture is your OS?
What kind of graphics card do you have?
e.g. "NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660", "Integrated graphics", etc.
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What kind of CPU do you have?
e.g. "AMD FX-6350 Six-Core 3.9-Ghz"
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How much RAM do you have?
On a scale from 1 to 5, how good are you at Metroidvania-style games?
If you don't know, 3 is fine.
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